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Actor Showreels

Actor Showreels

I know getting a strong showreel together can be a bit of a catch-22 for actors.


You need something great if you’re going to impress casting directors, but it can be tricky to pull this together until you've been cast in films with decent production values. 


I can provide you with a professional looking showreel without the hefty price tag. I will write, produce and film either two or three scenes for you that look great, sound great and feel like they’re each from a bigger project and not just made for the showreel itself.


We’ll talk about the kinds of scenes you’d like to include, and you’ll have the option to tweak the scripts so you can feel confident the lines fit your acting style.


How it works


1. You call up, we talk about it. 


2. I go away and write the scenes.


3. We film them.


4. I send you an edited cut ready for use on Spotlight or any other online profile.


What I do:


I produce, write, direct, film and edit the scenes.


What you do:


You provide the location (we'll bear this in mind when I come up with ideas) and call in a couple of favours from your actor pals so they can appear along with you. 



I don’t think you should have to pay through the nose to get a quality showreel. And because I perform all of the roles involved in production myself, I’m able to keep costs low. Here's what I charge:


Filming and editing 2 scenes – £350

Filming and editing 3 scenes – £400


Including a previously filmed and edited scene in your showreel - £25 per scene.

I can also provide actors for you to work with on the day at a cost of £50 per scene

Splitting the cost

A great way to manage the cost of a 2 scene showreel is by splitting it with another actor.


In other words, you do one scene with each other, which you can then both use in your respective showreels, and we then film an extra scene for each of you - either a monologue or another duologue with another actor. 

This option is much cheaper than paying on your own. I will film and edit a 2 scene showreel for £250 each

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