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I know commissioning professional video can be a bit of a mysterious process.

It's hard to know how much certain jobs are likely to cost. And you can get wildly varying rates from different suppliers.  


I keep my fees reasonable so I can work with organisations both large and small. And I've put together a price guide so you can understand how much your project is likely to cost - and what you'll be paying for. 


My day rate


My day rate is £300. That’s for everything: filming, editing, colour grading and any pre-production or writing. 

With this rate as a basis, the cost of a project can vary depending how much work it would involve.


Small scale projects


Most films I’m commissioned to work on fall under this category, including event films and simple project promos. 


This might be something that involves roughly one day's filming, around two day's editing and very little pre-production (usually just emails or calls and a little planning). 


The total cost for this kind of film is usually around £750-900




This project promo, which I made for Mental Health Foundation.


This event film, which I made for the Maternal Mental Health Alliance.

This series of interviews, which I made for Samaritans.


Medium scale projects


This might be something that takes a couple of days to film and produce, and a day or two to edit. 


This kind of film might require a little preparation time (and writing time if it’s a narrative short), involve filming at different locations on different days and usually involves a bit more footage to work through. 


The total cost for this kind of film is usually £1000-1,250



This Kickstarter video, which I made for Cafe Art.

This short narrative sketch, which I made for Relate.

Large scale projects


This would typically be a more involved, specifically budgeted project like an online campaign film. 


If it’s a non-narrative film, it would likely involve filming at multiple locations on different days. I may need to subcontract additional crew, such as independent sound, camera people or animators and hire in specific equipment. It would also likely involve lots of footage to work through and edit.


If it’s narrative, this will require a careful process of pre-production and scripting, a full crew for the shoot day (or days) and kit hire.


The total cost for this kind of film can vary widely, but is likely to be upwards of £3000, depending very much on the scale and complexity of the production. 




This narrative campaign video, which I made for The Children’s Society. 


This part animated/part documentary campaign video, which I made for Innovation Unit.













Revisions and tweaks


Revisions are any changes you might want to make during the editing process so you can shape the video and make any corrections you think are important. I'll complete a cut then send it to you so you can suggest these. 


I offer a different amount of revisions depending on the scale of the project. 


For small scale projects, I offer one set of revisions and then one set of tweaks. 


For medium scale projects, I offer up to three sets of revisions and one set of tweaks. 


For large scale projects, I offer up to four sets of revisions and one set of tweaks.


For any revisions beyond this, I charge £50 per new round of changes.




I offer a number of additional extras for a small extra fee. 



Subtitling is rapidly becoming the standard for online video as it means viewers can still understand them when they play without sound (which they do by default on Facebook). 


I will subtitle your short video (up to 4 mins) for £45. 


Extra cuts

Short extra cuts are great for social media and are a quick way of getting more from your existing footage. 


I offer two extra 30 second cuts for £100 total.


Get a free consultation

If you have any questions or still aren’t sure about the scale or likely cost of your project, the easiest way to find out is to get in touch. 


I offer a consultation for any new projects free of charge, so if you’d like to chat on the phone or meet for a coffee, send me an email or give me a call

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