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About me

I'm a filmmaker based in London who specialises in creating powerful and engaging short form content for charities and public sector organisations.  


I produce a variety of types of film, including project promos, case studies, tips videos and larger scale campaign pieces. Take a look at my selection of work to get an idea. I work alone - writing, editing, filming, directing and producing myself - or with a crew. 

I have a background in freelance journalism and online content creation, having previously worked for the BBC and Channel 4. I have an MA (Distinction) from Bournemouth University in Multimedia Journalism, and am accredited by Broadcast Journalism Training Council. 

How I work

I tell stories with concision, efficiency and emotional impact. I'm skilled at getting to the heart of a story quickly and bringing out the most important and affecting details so these stick in the viewer's memory.

Please take a look at my testimonials to find out what my clients have said about me.

At the start of every project, I make sure I develop a full understanding of what my client would like their film to communicate and discuss in detail how this might be achieved. I'm always clear about what I think will work and what might require revision. I work closely with my clients throughout the filmmaking process, making sure they have a clear understanding of what I'm doing, what shape the final product will take, and are kept in the loop when it comes to any decisions that require their input. 

Get a free consultation

I offer a consultation for any new projects free of charge, so if you’d like to find how we could work together, get in touch.


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